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Christine Hume
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traipse to outerports

ice-loud and steal

a mule to sing so

sink in switchback

wonders scored

on seismic fields

downhill off-kiltering

given & ungovernable

from here on out

dear traveler

shake moon-smell

out’a mountain

arise in shrieks

of buzzard dives

serotonin steep

uneven seas

& sleights of mind

fevered runs

of char a fear-

crazed pony in

skinny night


beheaded half

capillary whisper

across the narrow

anywhere addle

vowels alive

in giddy geometries

pit abyss

against firmament

see clenched earth

open earth awake

enter lust & quiver

a hill mister

make it malinger

constellate faces

at hypnogagic poles

pardon please

athousandfold trees

use a river

ice-choke it

until it’s a 2-

sided mirror

drinking blue

from scratch manifest

the new mercy

old derring-do

why don’t you

eat that ache

that red-tight hum

inside isotheres, o

air-minded riders

conspire be birthright

man alive

come back to color

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