Terry Bain lives in Spokane. One wife, two kids, one dog. He's hoping you
will publish his novel: http://bainbooks.com

Martin Corless-Smith was born and raised in Worcestershire, England.
His thrd collection, NOTA, is forthcoming from Fence Books.

Michael Farrell is the Australia editor of Slope and has had poems in verse, volt,
mirage/periodical, jacket, la petite zine, can we have our ball back, east
village, shampoo ... His first book 'ode ode' has just been published by Salt Books.

Michael Fournier was born, raised, and for the most part educated in Maine.
Rugged place, Maine.  After many magical adventures, he arrived in Atlanta, Georgia,
where he is settling, settling, always settling.
He has written poems and stories for years, and occasionally seen them published.
His Noh adaptations of Dante, the myth of Endymion, and pure figments of his imagination
have been performed in Kyoto, Japan and (hand to God) Ann Arbor, Michigan.
By day, he writes instruction for motorcycle mechanics
and is beginning to believe he really could adjust the valve clearances on a BMW K 75 RT,
if things came right down to it. Damn. Think well of him.

Christine Hume is the author of Musca Domestica (Beacon Press) and Alaskaphrenia
(New Issues, forthcoming). She teaches at Eastern Michigan University.

Karla Kelsey is getting her PhD at the University of Denver.  She has published
poems in Interim, Elixir, and various other journals.

John Latta's second book of poems, Breeze, is available from University
of Notre Dame Press.  He lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

Chelsey Minnis lives in Denver, CO.

Ethan Paquin edits Slope and Slope Editions, and
teaches at Medaille College in Buffalo, NY. His second book,
Accumulus, is imminent.

Kathryn Rantala's work currently appears in Archipelago,
Linnean Street, 5_trope and Slow Trains. She is the founder and
co-editor of Snow Monkey. Her book, Missing Pieces, is available from
the publisher, Ocean View Press, Lee Ballentine, Ed., Amazon.com or via
her website.

Elizabeth Robinson is the author of several recently published or forthcoming books
including House Made of Silver (Kelsey St. Press); Harrow (Omnidawn);
Pure Descent (forthcoming from Green Integer); and Apprehend (forthcoming
from Fence Books).

Kevin Sampsell lives in Portland, Oregon. He is the publisher of the
micro-press, Future Tense Books. His work has
recently appeared in Minima, Reinventing the World, Suspect Thoughts,
and the anthology, Short Fuse (Rattapallax Press). His newest book is
A Common Pornography.

Eleni Sikelianos is the author of three full-length poetry collections.  The
first two were published under the title Earliest Worlds by Coffee House
Press.  Her third collection just won the 2002 National Poetry Series
Competition and will be forthcoming from Green Integer.

Spencer Selby has published several books of poetry including, most recently
The Big R (Angle Press). 
He maintains the "list of experimental poetry/art magazines."

Catherine Wagner lives in Boise, Idaho.

Rebecca Wolff publishes Fence.  Her first book, Manderley, won the
2000 National Poetry Series Competition and is published by the
University of Illinois Press.