Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
Sidney Place
New Poems From the USA
lapses, in the gates opposite, soon
in doing so

can be or needs unknown
or unadmitted

by, or, sway of one or names regarded
of the latter

or nearly so, the unassisted eye.
A favor

or due to parts
proper to or often over distances.

at one time said of taste
being one, had gone, or so as to enable

sent on, that of his own, to see

sitting in, another room
are so to bring, are so to giving

a nearer place
to turn or come away, ending in no one

else at hand
or likely to be able

being often sought upon such matters
upon such matters as hurried to his place

at once
a second use, later on

it is with such a look
if a man, if a woman, which is to say, a life

thought it just as well a place or destination