Anya L. Cobler, Five Poems

"Poem to be written on flap of Christ's underwear"

hounded bra
gave them legs
when was laced
a bell on the bare star
a wind touching off clothes

this is me. this is you

missile broke
it is like
a paralytic's nose
at the foot of the pool
before the black expanse

where has my devotion

"March Poem"

a sudden jival
striding leg tih tih

things are don't
feel happening!
a rocket is like a red red lunch
my cart          roses

spittle heaven
woman page
lift up thru bath
juicing out
the deviled wild

the heart in the hallway
very far away
pulley mine up thru
what the son sets ablaze

thank it
the great and brief
naked tit       a hat
a eye doe black

stretcher fetter
little letter
tah tah       jeer-ahh
their chest inning


crush the lights
like fuck you, woman

in this house
we can only

"There is nothing either way, just I and God alone"

My eyes have been reconnected to my
throat, my vision is a walking new earth.
I recognize each of her bodies, I
recognize each leaf in black of morning.
I see clearly what is good, it is all
unshackled day, the wind blows, I will say
exist, I exist, there is nothing either way.
Nothing so cold as I unfurl the new
eye, taken down my chimney gullet. If
I word-monger, began to turn my mouth,
the sleeping animal shudders within
ribs. I was sent to braid the dogged nail
onto winds, my imagination has been impregnated
by the most holy of gods we are found blemished.

"'I Cannot Find a Thing I Can Love as Much as the Thought of Heaven'"

Notes on worship true worshippers will trust and
Learn learn and trust and write it down in journals

Either in spirit and in truth first you say the church
Is a tug, then the church is a stay, don't say should

If I was hurting my wife, don't say you wouldn't say
Should, don't lie Jerusalem was should the place to

Worship, the people said Jesus said Non I'm urging
You brethren with the whores of my hands to call

Pat Robertson a brother no I'm saying it not the
Pastor today was Sabbath not the money in the

Coffers I took it as I dusted off the thickened loaves
Of my hibiscus and with a beer that was my Sabbath

And I sang to the dog from the end of the earth I
Call to you when my heart faints he understanding

My fickle if I act like I'm skirting its because I
See I am I take the globs of salt and blood like

Chocolate not my shattering not my steering that
Makes it brighter it will be much longer much

Hotter in this pearl why is it fair that you deny
These black rubbery jowls your son does tolerance

Week you ask from the church why I respond
Gracefully gracefully it is my trend to love on the

Body to feel the great love as I walk out my bones
That which makes you please allure me

Pat Robertson leads a double life and he goes
Bare breasted in fraternité to the babies in

The rural towns and he lends a breast a shoulder of
nourishment actually his mouth has become a nipple

Squirting out free milk, free milk to the fold on the
'side I do not lie I truly do not know who denies

Will it be I the sound you make as I put out the
Note is overwhelming it takes over the air and

Permeates the space around my head hear our
Praises rise you can't fly these jowls are worth no

Words but stay humanly when I realized that justice
Was not the point when I realized justice I urge a

Breath running towards a shotgun that's it that
Because we are the true we we we I do put some

Confidence in the flesh of the body because body
Can body do a mountain from a valley to where have

Died together where I am still layed out in bondage
And in fear and near godly near you're so big so black

So deep so infinite what do you shed for what do you need
Because what am I saying what does the matter does

It shatters even do my beliefs matter to the mountains
To the valleys from here to there I cringe a soul on a shelf

Because if I may quote Baldwin, a raking sprout over
The sun the people have begun a maddening under-

Standing of love I am a selfish I am impatient with
This cup I love the walking shells I love Pat Robertson

And I grope towards this man in a dark bed whose
Face I don't know though we have lived together and

This love but shy sky do I need the body do I feel the
Body do I need the I am licking lick lick before I close

My eyes I am turning thrice the body I reeled the body
Is a warm broad fur chest I burrow into the flesh my nose

My eyes my jowls flap chop


who done                   the night hours
                        the silver rope             the golden mare

ink ourself             arms up
                              who done                   so the dark times watch

  his arm opening       give, no give

fingers tongue at
                           bottle breasts

scribble hair on young
                             forearms       belly    painted

a swoll bell
                        vagina       a black

that is burdened-
                        looking but long

                                                                                                            terror of our knowing
                              in me