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Robert Strong

Fair-share feeding sounds good on paper. We agree on everything before birth, then agree to forget. Serious generalized infection since the inception of heartbeat. Since you are expecting, there are a few things. The point of exhaustion is forever—we evolved this way so far—a process trying to write on the wall, get riveted, get conversant before the job-release with almost breathing, almost eating. Mostly purgatory, digestion, & cell division. Debut in the sense of what's next. A nifty set of a whole lotta nothin, a whole lotta lovin. In the fullness of existence, the bickering begins. Such babies. Itty-bitty progressions, nothing in life gets more little. The beginning is a little kingdom come to beg of you. The question is the opening, the opening is the exit, the exit begs for origins. Spread your legs. Let's get big about this: it won't end with us.

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