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Should We Be Monuments?
Jared Stanley
                                                     --after William Bronk

California, magnolia, culture of death, went the sound of things to come, blossoms and stucco work, breathing with your mouth, a particular hauteur, good fun, pastel-ism, big enough and holier than. Daring to treat the world with consistency. Considering, nuncle, its buffets. Hairs, unwashed fruits & delights. Could we? Would we eat and tempt variety, our original? Or choose the suture, the mouth-sewn idea of all things, consistently thingy. A sparrow's beak in sparrow-stifling heat, open but trying to hold in, incarnate, its life- air, super heated. Them. Life is a dream of them. All ostinato. A plinth, oh loam.

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