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a glossary of enclosures for small game
Isaac Sullivan

Bettendorf speaks of his camera's projection of relative distance, shows us impressions of mutilated hands like a glossary of enclosures for small game. he calls himself a polyglot but is in fact a factory for half-hidden writs--- we could play Trickball, like kicking the stems off dandelions plants new seeds; in remittance of genuflection we are going to revise old memories. when Bettendorf was born he was the size of a dollar bill. his baptism was performed in a 9000 gallon pool of water onstage. at 18 months he became the smallest person in the world to undergo robotic surgery. he is not the inventor of a machine that produces pain from faraway. the throat is highly vascular. jumping signifies grief. the next few months the ground will be scabbed with ice. in a sleep a heavy abscess his heart bulges and squirms against the mattress pad. Bettendorf visits ruins, hums a tune in the dispassionate hue of pine. a black line will be drawn to indicate the line of restoration. this is a temple of balance. it is not enclosed. Bettendorf's big nose warms the air he breathes.

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