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Catherine Theis

* Lovely surprising.
The mermaid and the crab Hold hands Allow for sightly reprieve. Creatures that scuttle Between the sea and the sands Creases in her hand becoming More defined, only occurring to describe The starfish's heat His risk of travel more Enlarging. The Lido's staircase immense. * The beast And all his regenerations His arms and arms and Arms and arms arms. Crab mostly jealous as in 'in love.' * Water moving off The other fish In ghostly spirit turns Swimming Plant-like dull, shapeless, a haphazard weed. * Junking around As the morning does allow it One has good reason to be concerned One cannot say what one means. Children left home without bother What a bother, what a dreadful way! In which case, it will be missed dearly Fair introspection, my dear mother. * We cannot all be Darwin. Deliberations in the sauna In which the sweat Resembles something other than water. * A little tooth in France Surely knows the way. * To Italia! To Italia! My fair maiden Almost there with Never Thin as cigarette paper The poison hides the plenty Witches and spies On the waterfront watching. * Hints of silver Mercury glass Silver-leaving The time it took At the Valley of the Temples Without the upended Baroque church At purgatorial divide. * The Normans built the castle in 1025. And if they didn't 1025 all the same Just the same Every year, the contestants swim Round the coral tree Round the Lava Foot In a race * For Evelyn, the darling of the sea. * He taught me how to swim to the faraway rock Pry the mussels off and suck the juices A bit of diving was learned The knife hidden in your palm Eating whole lemons with salt The knife came back to carve around The world's curve The Cyclops waiting in Aci Trezza's cavcs. * Wooden staircase Rickety down The algae cuts both waters Shallow deep Single end rocks The bending of the rope Again, the cactus as dinosaur foliage Pre-dawn, pre-life Up in the lemon orchards there is no noise * Only African wind Which is part Of the illustruous burning The quiet cackling of a witch's spirit Her dark lips The sea blazes with fire A soccer game is played under the harvest moon Giant, orange, and proud The Crab moves Evelyn a Million years before our meeting * Two red candles lit Almost as if from within There's the light, the heat taking Space in the cool dark caves Heads Helmets fashioned out of brine and wear * The shell sounds, the starfish Trumpeting What fancy wine Brass-holds The drunkenness of night Knees shaking The aion pours forth Thru pores Opening doors "I can hear you," Sesame * The Arabian influences Morning ice Rice Raisins in savory The right hand performing Acts in the aviary Sophisticated learning Tremendous reception * The Greek influences * The Persian influences * The Normans * Are we all not true Romans In the House's main atrium? * The walls were thick Settling for one land or another And in the garden Wild strawberries Small, smaller than half the tip Of your smallest finger This being my grandmother's version The ribbons she knotted Or the pouches of fabric She sewed Spoken for by the nuns A girl of eleven Fast hands Obedient Downward nose The castle A true point in her vision. * Roman hands Roman lands My nose All the Knowing That goes with it Atrium's pool clear and square. * Stones piled on top Fermentation Anchovies packed in haste In salt Marble tiles packing down The fishes' innards becoming skin-shaped. * FANGO grief Warm sculpture bubbles Thick ancient mud Unruly Durable heat People on horseback came Their small square houses Shades drawn Zero point calm * The goldsmiths Silversmiths Minting Mount Vesuvius Cameo-headed hot lava jewelry Objects Alfa-Romeo made Vertica saved Argentum * "La volere di dire" Speak me explained Center acting as if there is no use Reverberations of the echo-circle The great dungeon incredibly not full.

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