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Arda Collins Pool #10
A History of Something
Pool #3
Brian Henry


Barry Schwabsky And One Will Be Sent to You as Well
Sphere, Cone, Cylinder
Betsy Wheeler Moon Steady
Carolyn Guinzio Bent Trillium
Elizabeth Switaj Concrete Constructions
Deictic & Existential
Carrie Hein Up You Go Little Smoke
Christopher Nealon VIA
Heidi Lynn Staples The Lush of Sulk
The Village
The Laze of Bulk
Christopher Tonelli On a Walk He Broke Off
Graham Foust Just a Voice
At the Movies
I Dream of Teeth
Life Story
Estela Eaton Definition of Is
Joseph Bienvenu How Lost We Have Got
Standard Schaefer from Goat Songs Concerncerning Certain Dispensations
Julia Cohen Tiny in the Corner with a Fix
Saint Kill a Need (for D.S.)
Eric Elshtain American Dwellings
Julie Doxsee Meridian | Jerusalem
Kate Greenstreet Leaving the old neighborhood
This must be the place
Jonathan Hayes in a coffin
Kathleen Ossip Romantic Depot
Mark DuCharme Answer
Nathan Hoks Chaos Anaxagoras
The Cicatrix
Michael Ruby The Pure
There's No Beginning and There's No End
Michael Schiavo Sunset Down the Wall Blues
Look Abandoned, Hour of Heaven