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Peter Richards
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+My own bad recollection landed me
My own bad recollection landed me
too much alive to the first signs of disintegration
in a baby or a prairie or in Helsinki

metabolizing bees as the first real sign
aspects my illness had presented
during the last few months I seem to display

the feminine smell of devisable matter
and feel overjoyed to explore the hindquarters
of an ox and all the flash clubs in Helsinki

had the foresight to be in Helsinki everywhere
these huge constant moth wings beat out applause
from a resolute and childless population

the impossible costumes disembark
and climb down from the rock face without appearing
I retreat like an oaf to where there is no place to get to

and all these heavy lidded numbers
and all these enthusiasts watching me cry
and I was in no way part of your studio time

I was alive I had a smooth bronze forehead
felling partially at ease in the fist of loving people
or enjoying a gallant walk about town

or volunteering with a smile to let down my hair
but tonight I can hear the worms detonate
tonight the worms perusing our scales.

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