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Derek Zoetewey
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Fragments From Under the Togas of Greek Men: A Sophist’s Love Story
ø The bee who in passion chooses a shrew must consider the passion by which he

ø By passion, we must consider what is and is not. If a squirrel passionately eats a kernel of
   corn and impassionately eats another, how are the two kernels different?

ø [decrescendo] and the waves recede from [mighty beaches]

ø Fall in love [with a hoyden] and feel like a storm in the sea.

ø [about sex] somewhere a god laughs.

ø [from a lighthouse] on this rock, I spread my light. I love and hate all ships equally.

ø Ancilla, I remember you. I hold these fragments of your remains. They are embers of an intelligent time.

ø Smell [love’s] fragrance. It stinks.

ø There is smoke on a hill like smoke from my kitchen. The hill’s fire must be roasting chicken.

ø My intelligence grows with every new species of duck.

ø I am a maker of dung. Dung is earth. If earth is god, then I am a maker of god.

ø Cabbage is the cure [to all afflictions]

ø [of chamber pots] will passion return?

ø Love all without passion because passion like the sun is a burning molten mass.

ø Inside the sun is a lot of wood.

ø Like a bee sting, a sense of beginning.
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