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Catherine Daly
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Dance Dictionary: Directions for Bodies & Feet

a crack, as a whip

flicking or lashing movement
bar center
whip through positions two to five


En Dedans

After opening
on the earth, raise
working leg
toe parallel hip,
a perfect half-height.

foot down,
bending knee.
Brush the ball
of your foot against the floor.

Pointed toe crossed,
facing the audience as you
your face

throw that foot out to them
(don't brush the floor).

Fling it down
brushing the floor,

pointed toe behind you,
away, beyond sur le cou-de-pied.

Open to the second position in the air
perfectly half-height.


En Dehors

Second position
in the air
foot down,
bend your knee, that knee, brush
the ball of your foot against the floor.
Pass through fifth position
pointed toe poised, crossed, away,
farther away from them...

facing, pointed, to them.


En Tournant

flic foot flac half-point
the turn itself en dedans or en dehors
supporting leg
rise on help point
full turn while
working foot, open slightly, brushes
across the floor to cross
supporting leg
in back in front, in front in back
working leg thrown to second position, half-height


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